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Today was a mite better. I created a schedule for myself last night and mostly stuck with it. I polished/edited a chapter on my fic, did the forms for a June release, and re-read half the WIP I shelved last fall in the hopes of finishing it this month. So not too shabby.

It looks like we might be entering stage 2 of re-opening here in California sooner rather than later. My game store posted today that he'll be able to provide curbside pick-up starting this weekend. Newsom announced today that many retail businesses can open with curbside pick-up this weekend, as long as the proper protocols are in place. Shopping malls, eat-in restaurants, and offices are among the list that *can't*, however. He's being smart about it all, which is so reassuring when I see the kind of stupidity happening elsewhere in the country. Or when I see the new numbers.

None of this means we're going to go out willy-nilly, and I don't think it's going to mean the library is going to open soon, either. But maybe it'll be enough for some of the protesters to stop being so irresponsible. I'll also need to invest in more masks, because I really don't see that going away in the near future. Anybody know where I can find some fun masks without spending hours on Etsy, lol?

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