Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

It's a struggle to be positive or smile right now. But I'll try to find the moments.

1. Seeing the Reddit thread (before it got deleted) where someone photoshopped giant dildos into the photos of the armed men in Michigan's protests.

2. Homemade butterscotch and pecan cinnamon rolls. They barely lasted two days in this house.

3. The Stephen Sondheim birthday celebration.

4. My library made a "we miss our patrons" video that I took part in that makes me miss my library peeps sooooooo much.

5. Someone I was worried about being in a toxic place during this shelter in place (she's going through a divorce) has managed to find someone new (or old, as the case may be, since it's someone she's known for almost three decades). I'm so happy for her.

6. Seeing all the parents who came out to support our seniors when we had to do a drive-thru at the school to pick up caps, gowns, and the lawn signs the school paid for to recognize the students. Everybody was masked and social distancing, and the love and excitement they showed was so heartwarming.

7. Singing Happy Birthday via Zoom to Alicia's BFF who turned 20 this week.
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