Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

This has been a really tough week for me. Coming up with these has been hard today.

1. Watching the original Hamilton cast sing "What I Did For Love" to the original cast of "A Chorus Line"

2. Finally playing the Unfair expansion that I bought for Alicia a year ago. It's one of her favorite games, but time didn't work in our favor to play before this week.

3. Leslie Jordan. If you are not following his Instagram, you must do so now. I loved him before all this started, but hell, he makes me smile on the regular multiple times a day.

4. I made spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting this week. So good.

5. We had half-Thanksgiving today. That means, I bought a turkey before Easter, and I roasted it for dinner today with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and our favorite Thanksgiving veggies as sides. No pie, but that's okay. Because...

6. ...we broke down and got Cold Stone Creamery ice cream last night. We haven't been to our local Cold Stone in over five years, so we all splurged and bought the biggest sizes and just gorged. It was glorious.

7. I made sure to be a part of the FB Elysian Fields rewatch yesterday, because it was for "Intervention," which has my favorite Spuffy kiss ever in it. I know a lot of people have problems with the episode because of Spike having the Buffybot built in the first place, but the final scene between them breaks my heart every single time.
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