Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

New grocery

We had to venture out today because I had to pick up a refill on Alex's prescription. I was hoping to put it off until tomorrow since I'm getting groceries then, but nope, had to get it today.

Since we were out, Craig and I decided to cross one of my stops from tomorrow off the list. There's a small middle eastern/mediterranean grocery I've been wanting to try, and someone on FB mentioned that they had a lot of stuff she had been looking for. So we went, and ohmigod, this will definitely be one of new stores to hit regularly once things are more normal. They had all these wonderful spices that I have to fight to get sometimes, freshly baked goods, and products that I can't find in our regular store, all at prices that are easily comparable - and sometimes better - than our regular grocery store. I picked up some dried lentils and barley (since absolutely none of our grocery stores have had any beans or most grain products for over a month), dried figs for Craig, and cornstarch because I need some and our bakery aisles are pretty bare at the regular grocery store, too. I would've gotten more, but I can't wear my reading glasses when I wear a face mask (my glasses steam up, regardless of how tight it is across my cheeks/bridge of my nose), so no label reading while I'm out. Next time, though, I'll be getting samosas and papadums and fenugreek water and oh so much more.

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