Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

That meme everyone is doing

Because I've had a headache all day that refuses to go away, just going to meme tonight...

1. Are you an Essential Worker? Nope. Thank goodness.

2. How many drinks have you had since the quarantine started? Surprisingly, zero. I keep thinking I want to, but I've been battling this damn cold and allergies and other things for the past month, so it never seemed like a good idea to mix alcohol into that, too.

3. If you have kids... Are they driving you nuts? Nope, not in the slightest. I'm really enjoying having Alicia here so much because I know she's going to be gone for real all too soon.

4. What new hobby have you taken up during this? Nothing new.

5. How many grocery runs have you done? Four. We've gone once a week because we run out of milk.

6. What are you spending your stimulus check on? We don't get one.

7. Do you have any special occasions that you will miss during this quarantine? There was a wedding in the UK in May that we were supposed to go that we're going to miss. They have actually rescheduled to later in the year, but we're still not going to be able to go.

8. Are you keeping your housework done? Meh. The house isn't a disaster, and certain areas have been disinfected to death. That's enough for me.

9. What movie have you watched during this quarantine? We did a Harry Potter rewatch, and we watched Onward.

10. What are you streaming with? Netflix and Disney+

11. 9 months from now is there any chance of you having a baby? Nope

12. What's your go-to quarantine meal? We haven't gotten into any kind of rut yet. Mostly because we've been raiding the freezer, so it forces me to be more spontaneous and creative than before. Plus, once it's used, it's gone, so there's few duplicates.

13. Is this whole situation making you paranoid? A little bit, yes. Because of the colds we keep passing around, I'm second-guessing everybody's health.

14. Has your internet gone out on you during This time? No, thank god.

15 What month do you predict this all ends? Which part? I think we'll be in some form of lockdown until at least August. I can see a few services getting added back in here in California in June, since our services haven't been overwhelmed and don't look like they will be. But I think until we have some kind of protocol set up to either treat or vaccinate effectively, we'll have some sort of social distancing for the rest of 2020.

16. First thing you’re gonna do when you get off quarantine? My first thought is that I'd just go to Target and wander around for hours. But then I start thinking that I'd probably be all antsy about potential germs so I would talk myself out of going. So I really have no idea.

17. Where do you wish you were right now? I'm exactly where I want to be for this.

18. What free-from-quarantine activity are you missing the most? Being at the library

19. Have you run out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer? Not yet.

20. Do you have enough food to last a month? At this point, maybe yes, but it will get pretty unhealthy there towards the end since I won't have enough fruit or vegetables. Plus, no more hot tea because the milk I have will only last me until the weekend.

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