Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

Good things to focus on instead of covid this week:

1. I've been doing a gratitude challenge at Facebook that has really helped me think about all the good in my life. It's funny that I'm grateful for a gratitude challenge, lol.

2. We finished our Stranger Things LEGO!

3. My garden beds are looking absolutely lovely, now that I've ferreted out the culprit of who ate my cucumber plant.

4. We finally needed to buy toilet paper, which I managed to get last night after a day of dead ends. But what made it really great was that the store had dried beans and flour, too, which we haven't seen in three weeks.

5. I bought donuts yesterday (and a few other sugar rush items) in my shopping trek yesterday.

6. The weather has been improving, so it's currently beautiful outside. Not too warm, not cold, sunshine, no winds. Just lovely.

7. The Facebook group for Elysian Fields has been hosting writing sprints that have been so helpful for me. I've had galleys and forms and other stuff to do, but at least twice this week, I've been able to sit down and write fic words. I've missed it.
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