Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Wherein, I whinge

We ended up playing a game until late last night, so I forgot about posting until after I'd gone to bed. It was worth it, though. We played our Harry Potter game, and it was a ton of fun.

Not everything the past couple days has been fun. On Wednesday night, we went out to see what was eating the leaves off my cucumber and tomato plants. The garden beds were crawling with snails. Which I had predicted but Craig didn't believe me. We went out and got stuff to take care of that on Thursday morning, along with another cucumber plant because there was literally nothing left on the original.

Since we had to go to Home Depot anyway, we planned to get lunch from our favorite Vietnamese restaurant as our weekly support-a-local-business shop. Everybody was all excited about it until we found out that they were closed until April 16th. We got burgers from someplace instead, but damn, we were so looking forward to that Vietnamese.

Also, the antibiotics aren't doing anything for my ear/jaw/lymph node pain. Which means it's probably viral not bacterial and I might have to just ride this out. My nose is getting stuffy again, and there's a tickle in my throat. Seriously, body, can I just get better, please?

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