Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

And the countdown begins...

15 more days until we fly to California. After looking at flights and considering what is getting done in the next two weeks, Craig and I decided to leave on the 21st instead of the 20th, in the event something goes wrong at the last minute. This way, we have an extra day to resolve any issues that might come up. And if nothing does, then I get an extra day with my children. Win/win situation all around.

As the date approaches, I'll most likely be increasingly scarce. Family is starting to get a little demanding in light of our imminent departure, including a family photo session this Saturday morning that I only just found out about. Guess who's doing her hair color tonight instead of next week? Oh, and i_digress_uk, there's a very good possibility that something's happening on the 16th that's going to prevent me from spending the night in London. Nothing concrete, but I'll keep you updated. For everyone else, please pardon either my a) lateness in commenting, or b) lack of commenting in the upcoming weeks. Neither will be due to a lack of gratitude on my part for them, just a lack of time. So thank yous in advance. :)

Angel is downloading, so hopefully I'll get to watch it tonight.

And I'm officially in love with my scale again. According to that lovely piece of machinery, I'm down 4.5 pounds since Sunday (which trust me, isn't too much). I guess there's something to be said to running around like a madwoman. That, and the fact that I'm not the one doing the grocery shopping. With only the one car now, Craig's been doing nightly runs of bare essentials as I try to use up what's in the cupboards (I can't take *anything* with me, including all my spices), so it's forcing me to be much more economical about everything. Plus, the fact that my fat sweats keeps falling down my hips? Huge bonus. :)

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