Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Two days of less than greatness

I haven't had a great couple of days.

Yesterday, we woke up to discover that the microwave wasn't working. It had power and would count down if a time to cook was set, but it never actually ran. It's a built-in, so it's impossible to get it serviced or replaced until the lockdown. We ended up ordering a cheap, countertop model from Best Buy that Craig picked up curbside late in the afternoon. I hadn't realized until we didn't have it how much I rely on it. To heat up breakfasts, thaw out lunches, so much.

Then, in the middle of the afternoon, Alicia and I decided we'd make a pot of coffee. I only drink it rarely since it upsets my stomach, but I was really craving a cup. Except the coffee maker refused to work. At all. Second thing in the kitchen to break that day.

But it didn't stop there. At dinnertime, as I was prepping, I opened my corner lazy susan to discover that Alex had placed all the cans I'd purchased at the grocery store that morning on the top shelf. The weight had loosened the screw enough so that it dropped eight inches, and the shelf was now sitting on the bottles of the lower shelf, stopping it from rotating. Craig and Alex had to empty and fix it, then redistribute the weight so it didn't happen again.

My poor kitchen is obviously as stressed about the lockdown as I am.

But today hasn't been much better. I woke up with a headache and pain in my lower jaw and lymph nodes. I took some acetaminophen, but it didn't touch my jaw. I've had ear pain off and on over the past couple weeks, but I just attributed it to my cold. My additional symptoms had me thinking maybe it was something more, so I contacted the Teladoc. He confirmed my suspicions that it's probably an ear infection. So now I'm on an antibiotic for the next week. It did mean another trip to the shop today to pick up the scrip, which I didn't want to do, but it couldn't be avoided. Hopefully, it starts helping soon. I'm tired of my ears and jaw hurting.

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