Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

It's been a day, so I really need these to think about positive stuff.

1. We are rewatching the HP movies. Getting to appreciate Alan Rickman and Jason Isaacs is always worth it.

2. Getting to rewatch "Something Blue" with Spuffy/Elysian Fields friends on Tuesday reminded me how much I love that episode.

3. Laughing my ass off at this picture of Chris Pine. Why does such an attractive man insist on dressing like he's 80 and not 40?

4. Coming to a retailer near you (hopefully!)! Baby Yoda Chia Pets!

5. Cadbury Mini Eggs! It's the only thing about Easter that I care about.

6. My favorite game store, a small business that has been closed now for almost three weeks because of the lockdown, created an online store for those of us who wanted to help them at this time. I preordered a couple games and bought a couple others, with the understanding that I would get them after stuff relaxes in a bit, probably at least a month if not two, because I am outside of the 10-mile radius he's designated for delivering orders. On Friday, my doorbell rang. I discovered that he'd delivered to me anyway! And that is why I love the store so much and why I always try to get people to shop there.

7. I've been getting my backlist republished, and last weekend, a short menage I wrote came out at JMS Books. The story is hot, but seriously, I am in love with the cover.
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