Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A lazy Saturday

Today was rainy and cold and miserable. So I stayed in pjs all day and cooked chili hot dogs for lunch as comfort food. I figured I deserved it.

We're doing our weekly shop in the morning. I've been craving Indian so I need to pick up some ingredients if I want to satisfy it. Most importantly, I need plain yogurt so I can make naan to go with the chana masala. I never knew how easy it was to make until someone made it for me. Plus, it tastes so much better when it's homemade, I can never go back to having store-bought.

I have given up on my current crocheting project. I can't get enough yarn to finish the afghan, so I've tied it off and I'm going to give it to our eldest cat as a new blanket for his bed. I went ahead and ordered a different yarn for Alex's afghan, this time ensuring I had more than enough to do the whole thing. I also ordered thread and smaller hooks so I can teach myself how to crochet the snowflakes my grandmother used to make. I hope I can do it.

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