Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Bits and pieces of a productive Tuesday

I got drugs today and dosed myself appropriately so I could be functional. I screwed up this morning and took a Mucinex to loosen it up, and by 2pm felt like I was drowning. A proper decongestant helped. I need to remember I can't take Mucinex without feeling miserable. I was convinced I would need to take a nap, but I managed to push through without one. It'll be a NyQuil night, though.

I did manage to get stuff done, which is nice. Finished all my planting. Managed to write 1k. Watched "Something Blue" with the EF folk on Facebook. I managed to speak to my elderly neighbor across the street to make sure she is okay. She's in her 80s and just absolutely lovely. I had known her daughter was checking in on her, but I wanted her to know we're here for her, too. Her daughter isn't local, so I want her to have someone closer to tend to her needs if need be.

We got notification from the superintendent that students probably won't be attending school for the rest of the school year (which wasn't really a surprise). Alex is hearing from his teachers about how they're going to handle virtual learning, so I had him set up a temporary calendar that we will adjust as he gets more concrete information. He needs the structure. He doesn't do as well when he doesn't have it. Things slide. Discipline is not his strong suit.

We also finished The Mandalorian, which we enjoyed. I'm glad we could watch it in one shot rather than having to wait for more episodes, lol. Of course, now we have to wait for season 2, but that's the nature of the beast.

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