Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A pretty good Friday

Today was an excellent day of distractions.

First off, it's Craig's 48th birthday! Woo hoo! I had bought his gift before Christmas, so he had something to open, and the kids and I made his cards rather than get something from the store. Alicia had ordered another gift for him, but it doesn't arrive until tomorrow. I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast, then his lunch was one of the steak and kidney pies I ordered from our British butcher. I had prepared for what he wanted for dinner, too - his favorite potato and chickpea curry. No cake or sweets for dessert. His choice. He spent the whole night playing his favorite farming video game. Quiet and relaxing.

My other good news? Yesterday, I got the results of the clerk test I took before everything went crazy with our shelter in place orders. This is the test that generates the internal referral hiring list for clerks throughout the county. You get placed on the list in the order of how you scored. Turns out, I got the highest score, so I'm ranked #1 on the list! And I know that at least 50 people took the test because my friend Hannah took it, too, and she passed with a rank of #50. With everything shut down right now, obviously nothing will come from it for a while, but I was rather chuffed at how I did. I was out of the workplace, writing and editing and working for myself and my publishers, for almost twenty years before I started at the library last year. It's enough to make you start questioning if you're too old or forgotten too much to be of any value. This was a relief that, maybe, I haven't lost it yet. :)

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