Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

What I'm Reading Wednesday


Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai: I got a little annoyed with the hero for not standing up to his father sooner, but I enjoyed this enough to want to read the next book in the series. It was hot, and I liked the heroine a lot.


1. The Passage by Justin Cronin: I am never going to get through this, because my anxiety about the current virus situation can't handle more than a couple pages at a time.

2. Edge of Survival by Toni Anderson: A damaged ex-SAS sergeant now trying to hide away from the world as a pilot in Alaska. A quirky biologist who finds a dead body on her first day on a new project. I'm really enjoying this one so far.

3. Strangelets by Michelle Gagnon: I haven't read any more of this because this got left in the garage last week, and I only venture out there when I absolutely have to these days. I should probably finish it soon just to get it off the list.


1. Margaret Fuller: A New American Life by Megan Marshall: I only got a couple chapters into this before I had to give up. The entire first chapter was in present tense, which was weird for a book that's set almost 200 years ago, and the author flooded her prose with quotes from Fuller's journals so that most sentences had at least one if not more sets of quotation marks within it. It was a nightmare to read and very disjointed, so I stopped trying.

2. So Sensitive by Anne Rainey: An erotic romance that never delivered. The heroine is simpleton, and the hero too caveman, and what was supposed to be sexy felt forced and weird.

3. Promise Me Tonight by Sara Lindsey: I thought a frothy historical romance would just the ticket, but um, no. At least, not this one. The heroine has been in love with the hero since she was six, and when she comes of age and finally catches his eye, she's a fawning, simpering mess. The author was too in love with exclamation points, and the humor wasn't funny, so I decided not to keep going on after about a third into the book.
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