Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

It's gotta be Tuesday

We had rainclouds all day, which means my head has been splitting since I got up this morning. Taking painkillers takes the edge off, but damn, I really hate these sinus headaches. I want the weather to warm up so my head feels normal.

I tried to order more yarn for Alex's blanket today and discovered they don't have it online at Michael's. I couldn't find it anywhere else, either, so it might turn out I finish up what I have and then have to wait to see if I can get into the store for it.

We also started the Lego Stranger Things set that Alicia got me for Christmas. We're limiting ourselves to one bag a day, which means we finished this:

I kind of love that it started off with Hopper and his truck. But now I want to do a Stranger Things rewatch, lol.

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