Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Companies need to be more reliable

I had a freakout today when a local grocery store (not one we go to) announced it had to close for cleaning because one of their employees tested positive for covid-19. An employee who had been working all the way until yesterday. I called a family meeting and basically forbade everybody from ever thinking about ordering food again and that we'd be going even more freakish about decontaminating things in the garage before anything comes into this house again.

I then locked myself in my room for an hour, waited for my hormones to subside, and proceeded to go and apologize to everybody.

THEN, two hours later, the stupid store reversed the announcement!!! I mean, come on! You can't put a panic in a lot of people and then go, oops, my bad, sorry.

Anyway. The day got much better after that. Plus, dinner was fish and chips from the British butcher that I order from periodically that I'd been saving in the freezer. Both were pretty damn good for not being fresh.

Alicia and I are doing a Michael's order tomorrow. I need more yarn for Alex's afghan and she wants to do some crafting. Even Alex is getting into it. There are definite pluses to being stuck here at home.

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