Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Reality TV to escape the reality of the world

Today was a reality TV watching day for the most part. I had new Drag Race, Top Chef, and Food Truck Race on the DVR, so I decided to be a lump for the first time all week and just enjoy. It was nice, actually, and made me realize I've been reading way too much news lately. It's hard not to devour everything I can find on the virus updates. It feels too important not to be informed. But I have to figure out how to balance that out with my need to stay as mentally stable as I can. It's too easy to find triggers for my anxiety, and logic doesn't work on my brain once a trigger has been activated.

Part of it's hormones (maybe a lot of it is) but I actually cried when Rock M Sakura got kicked off this week. She was sweet, and I felt bad for her. Brita killed her on the lip sync, though, and Aidan is just too quirky to kick off yet (even if I don't think her drag is that interesting), so I get it. But I still didn't like it.

But Leslie Jones!!! I love Leslie anyway, but hearing her go all fangirl over the whole shebang might've been the best part of the whole episode.

I might've squee'd a little when I saw that Bryan Voltaggio is on the current season of Top Chef. He's always been one of my favorites. His season was the one where I first started watching, and I've never been happy that he didn't win.

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