Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I haven't been on LJ for over a week for so many different reasons. First, we had Alex's school stuff and a competition consuming our time. Then, last Saturday, I caught the cold he had. It pretty much flattened me for three days.

By the time Tuesday rolled around, I was starting to feel better, but obviously, all the virus news here in California and the US was heating up. Alicia found out on Tuesday night that they were closing the dorms until early April so she had to come home sooner and for longer than previously planned. Meanwhile, all the local school stuff was getting canceled, though they haven't officially closed our school system yet since the kids are just starting a two-week spring break. They're likely to close it once that nears the end, but it's still not officially.

On Wednesday, the actress in my play backed out because of concerns about the virus. I was 100% on her side. Our county put a ban on gatherings over 100 people until March 27th (we currently have 29 confirmed cases), and our show is set to go on March 28th, and our idiotic artistic director and board STILL HAVEN'T CANCELED THE FESTIVAL. Even after the governor today closed bars and wineries and told people over 65 to stay home. Even after the CDC announced there shouldn't be gatherings over 50 people for at least 8 weeks. So I told them, unless they plan on postponing until August, I'm out. I think what they're doing is reckless and selfish, and I refuse to be a part of adding to the problems this country is going to have when the healthcare system gets strained.

Our library system got closed today for an indefinite period, too. We will still be staffing part-time (2 people a day) to keep up on returns, but that's no worse than being home.

Anyway, we've now found an even keel, I think. I'm not going to let myself stress over the play anymore, because I'm comfortable with my choice and if it burns that bridge, so be it. People are panic shopping in my town like crazy people, but my pantry and freezer are stocked well enough that we don't need to do any major shopping for a while (except for milk, and I'm okay paying gas station prices for that). We are practicing strong social distancing, since Craig can work from home and I'm not likely to go into the library very much. The kids and I have decided to play a game a day, and hey, if Alicia gets to stay longer, that's not bad. She was saying that so many of her friends were complaining about being stuck at home with their parents and she felt bad because she was really excited about getting to be with us for a while. The only bad thing is the not knowing about what happens with the stuff she had to leave behind, but we'll have answers to that in a couple weeks.

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