Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Super Tuesday

I went and voted today. Warren has been my gal since the beginning, though I always knew she was a long shot. And of course, I'll vote for anybody who runs against Trump, but I'm still a little sad that it's going to come down to one of two old white dudes for the Democratic nomination. Don't get me wrong. I like both Bernie and Joe. I voted for Bernie in the primary in 2016. But the fact that such a huge swathe of the country is still aiming at old white dude as their default is just disheartening.

At least Bloomberg isn't in there as a viable contender. He's the only one I would've had to grit my teeth to vote for in November. I can vote for either Joe and Bernie and be okay with it. I just hope that if Joe gets the nomination that the Bernie supporters will vote for them. I know most of them voted for Clinton in 2016, but it feels like they've been even more vocal this time around about how it's Bernie or Bust.

On the bright side, today was Alex's first election. I kind of like that he had such an easy one to start with. Only two measures and four other positions outside of the Democratic primary. Not like voting for the first time in November and getting hit with a ten page ballot requiring hours of research, lol.

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