Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Taking the chance

Yesterday, when I was subbing at the other library branch, the manager there handed me an interoffice memo announcing a job opening and said, "You're applying, right?"

The position is for the step up from where I am now. A clerk position. The memo said that the deadline for applying was today, though, which sucks for everybody who wasn't working yesterday or today since most branches didn't even get the announcement until yesterday. I confirmed everything with my manager this morning, so as soon as I got home this afternoon, I went online and applied. If I pass through this first phase, I'll be invited to take the clerk test, which is just about testing organizational and math skills. I've been told by multiple people that I have nothing to worry about with it. After that, people who pass the test get put on a list of potential hires, in the order of how well they score, for managers to then go through when they have openings. I don't have to interview or accept any job I get offered, though. This is mostly about having options for me. But the clerk position is more hours, not quite as much time spent on my feet (for which my feet will thank me), and more responsibility which is always nice. So we'll see.

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