Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

What I'm Reading Wednesday


I finally finished Her Last Chance, as well as the novella, Her Risk to Take, which rounds out this short series. Neither is indicative of what I love about this author, but they make me appreciate her more recent more more.

I also finished Untraceable which improved as it went along. It still was too much like a first book spending too much time setting up for future stories, but I like the twists and turns.


1. Still reading The Passage and really enjoying it.

2. Colder Than Sin by Toni Anderson: The second book in the Cold Justice: Crossfire series. I read the first book last year. This one wasn't out yet, which was why I went to some of her older work. Just a couple chapters in, and it's back to the sharper characterizations and stronger writing I've grown accustomed to with her work.

3. Harrison Squared by Daryl Gregory: A YA paranormal/horror story about a teenaged sensitive who goes on a hunt to find his marine biologist mother when she goes missing. YA isn't usually my thing, but this had good reviews so I'm giving it a go. It's still too early to tell.


I gave up on The Demonists. It was just too gory with absolutely no set-up, and I don't read horror for the sake of gore.

I also gave up on a book called In Bitter Chill by Sarah Ward. It's the first in a mystery series, but the writing style was very choppy, and there were major editorial mistakes in the first chapter. Not a good sign and not worth my time.
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