Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Libraries aren't supposed to be stressful

Long, draining day. Our system is down at the library and has been all weekend. They couldn't even check in books on Saturday. Which meant when I went in today that there were two carts completely buried with Saturday's books that needed to be checked in, two bins that were completely overflowing, three days of shipment to process, and our usual book drop overload from not being open for the past two days (we're closed on Sunday and Monday). On top of that, it looked like the library had been hit by a tornado - books sitting out everywhere, shelves completely misaligned. All we did was shelve for out entire shift, and we never even got around to starting on the shipments. Exhausting. And stressful because it's frustrating being one of only two aides who seem to understand how to merchandise the books the way we're supposed to. I spend too much time cleaning up stuff that others should be doing. It's getting old.

A bright spot, though. The manager at the library branch I worked at last week called my manager today and asked for me to fill in for another shift she needs. She has two other aides helping her out while they wait to hire a new one, but apparently I'm the one she wants. Enough that she even asked my manager to pull me from my regular shift at our branch. I agreed to it (it's a slightly longer shift, plus it looks good), but hopefully it doesn't become too much of a regular thing. I love my own branch too much.

I had hoped for wine tonight to relax a little, but Craig ended up working late and didn't get to our BART station until almost 9pm. I settled for a candy bar and a soda, because drinking alcohol this late gives me headaches, and then put on the movie, Stuber, for some mindless entertainment. It wasn't as bad as I expected. Formulaic, yes, but I love Kumail Nanjiani, and it's nice seeing Dave Bautista in something other than a Marvel movie.

And now it's off to bed. Tomorrow I have to prep for play rehearsal in the evening. We're doing all the blocking, so I have to make sure everything is finished and coherent.

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