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Got my MR flight all sorted now, but thanks to everyone for the offers and information. Now, I'm all bouncy with wanting to go to PA; of course, I've still got this pesky move to CA to finish up first. ;)

The weather is windy and rainy---again---and I'm doing my best to keep my cabin-fevered children occupied without losing my mind. Alex is bound and determined to drive his sister crazy, but at least he's not stripping any more. :)

Oh, and got a kick out of Alicia last night. After dinner, she turned to me and announced she wanted a baby sister. I just gave her a huge grin and said, "You have to talk to Daddy about that." I thought Craig was going to throttle me for shifting it to him, because he has problems trying to explain to a 4-year-old that, though Mommy really, really would like another baby, Daddy is adamant against it, because of the doctor's warning after the last one. (So, OK, maybe not the wisest thing for me to get pregnant again and I certainly don't want to die for it considering I already have 2 beautiful miracles, but it still doesn't make me stop wishing things might be different). But I do love watching Craig squirm. Made for a whole lot of funnies last night before bedtime.

Craig and I had an interesting discussion last night. He listened to the broadcast on FCUK with me, so he got to hear all JM's flirty innuendos with the girls who wrote/called in and his banter with the kids in his band. He said that though he admires the guy's talent and thinks he'd be a kick to hang out with, James isn't the sort of guy Craig would want dating or getting involved with any girl he cared about (like a sister if he had one, or a friend). I was a bit taken aback at this as he's always been so supportive of JM's career and such, but he said that it wasn't anything personal, his impression was just that JM a) isn't mature enough to handle a serious, committed relationship, and b) is too addicted to the blatant sexual flirting as a means of reinforcing his own self-esteem (Craig's opinion is that all men's sexual flirting stems from a lack of self-esteem issue). I'm not saying I agree with his points necessarily---I think Craig is a huge flirt, too, but that sparked a whole discussion between us about the definition of flirting, and my definition is very different than his---but I did think his take was interesting. Not often I get a guy's perspective on the whole JM thing. He's not familiar with most of the interviews and such that are out there, so he's basing his arguments solely on his own encounters with him---in Scotland last year, at DragonCon last year, this broadcast, and some other tidbits.

Like I said, interesting.

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