Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A long weekend

My days have been interminably long, and my nights broken. But Craig gets home in three days, so hopefully things will improve. The weekend wasn't terrible. I got to Skype with Alicia and Craig in Dublin, which was entertaining. Craig took Alicia on a Guinness and whiskey tour on Saturday, so when I got to talk to them at the end of their day, she was a little tipsy. Apparently, she likes Irish whiskey. She was very giggly and tried denying she was tipsy, but it was pretty obvious. Yesterday, they did museums and vague touristy stuff. She's back in DC today and swears it was definitely worth it. I'm still jealous she got to go.

Craig has asked what I want him to bring back, and it feels like my list is mostly medical, lol. I asked for Lemsip, since it's illegal to buy in the US now, and Imodium instants, but hopefully he's going to bring me a battenberg, too. He offered to buy me an aran sweater since he found a great market for it, but I worry too much about sizing for that. I told him to get me a new tea cozy, since the one my MIL made for us in 2011 is literally disintegrating. He also picked up a couple of rosaries for a friend of ours whose grandmother just died. She wanted one to bury with her grandmother, but he picked up an extra so she could have one of her own.

A friend from the UK is arriving at the end of the week. He's going to spend the weekend with us before heading into SF for work stuff. It'll be good to see him. It's been at least five years since his last visit. We warned him that Alex's first winter guard competition is on Saturday, but he's a good sport and is coming along.

But three more days until Craig's home. It's a good thing I work two of those.

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