Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

What I'm Reading Wednesday


I managed to finish Ruthless Heart, but it was pretty rushed through on the ending. I also managed to get through Mind Magic. It took me forever to get through the first half, but the second half was exactly what I love about the series.

The best of the bunch was The Book of Unknown Americans. It flowed well, I loved the characters, and the last quarter really got me in the gut. It's far from perfect - some of the characterizations don't always work, and the messaging gets over simplified - but I really liked it.


1. Still reading Her Last Chance by Toni Anderson. I've been more interested in other books.

2. The Sleeping Night by Barbara Samuel. A romance about a black man and a white girl set in Texas post WWII. I almost didn't stick with this. There were a number of editorial mistakes that pulled me out in the first chapter, but I've gotten sucked into the story in spite of it all.

3. Untraceable by Laura Griffin. Romantic suspense by an author I've enjoyed before. Only a chapter in so that's all I can say at this point.

4. You're Next by Gregg Hurwitz. A thriller about a man who suddenly finds himself getting targeted by strangers and law enforcement. This is my first book by this author, but it's probably not the last. The situation is a little unbelievable, but the story is compulsively readable. I find myself wanting to go back to this rather than anything else right now.


1. Never Kiss a Stranger by Heather Grothaus. A Medieval romance. I had to put this down because the 18 y/o heroine acted even younger than that, and it was driving me crazy.

2. Rite of Summer by Tess Bowery. A gay historical romance. The blurb suggests that it's a menage, but reviews make it clear that it's not. But that's not why I stopped after the first chapter. I stopped, because the first chapter is straight sex with one of the heroes pretty much worshiping his lover who was an absolute asshole. The asshole doesn't end up in the primary couple, but I couldn't stomach reading a whole book with him in such a major role.
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