Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Only because I'm up and not because anything actually happened

Not the best day. Craig's gone. He should be landing in Dublin in about five hours.

I'm still eating my feelings. I really need to stop.

I found out tonight that there's a possibility I'll lose my actress if she can't resolve a scheduling conflict.

My leg exercises are working wonders on my hip, but my plantar fasciitis is screaming at me that I can't get through a day without something hurting enough to make me want to cry.

I found my original list of baby names when we were picking out names for Alicia. I shared the top five with her. She was not impressed and is still annoyed we didn't call her Willow. (That wasn't my fault. Craig's the one who crossed it off the list. That was before we started watching Buffy. I thought it was pretty. He said he didn't want a daughter named after a tree. Then again, this was the man who got stubborn with girl names when Alex came around. If Alex had been a girl, he was to be named Hayley Rebecca Harris. All because Craig decided he wanted a daughter with the initials, HRH.)

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