Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

A crappy week for my country, but not a bad week for me. Well, until today. I woke up at 4:30 this morning from a sneezing fit and moved downstairs because I didn't want to wake Craig. An hour later, I was completely congested. So, currently watching the Oscars and fighting off a cold. But there's still things to smile about this week.

1. I am in love with this side table. I have no place for it, but the bright colors make me smile.

2. In my writing slump, I've been devouring a lot of writing blogs. I particularly enjoyedthis perspective, asserting what novelists can learn from picture books.

3. This Jason Momoa coloring book. Because...Jason Momoa.

4. I got to meet both my actors this week, and I'm utterly satisfied with both of them.

5. My new pot rack!

6. Pepper and I have been re-releasing our Jamie Craig titles at JMS Books. Our cover for our single dads, gay erotic romance, He Said, He Said, is one of the cutest covers we've ever had.

7. The leg/hip strengthening exercises I started this week are actually making noticeable differences already. I might be sick today, but my hip actually doesn't hurt for the first time all week, even after I stepped wrong yesterday at work.
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