Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Good intentions and all that

Today did not go as planned. I had all these intentions to get a lot of stuff done - cleaning, paperwork, finish a galley, laundry - and though I got off to a good start, we lost power at 10am which put a kibosh on everything but cleaning. When we finally got back up, Alicia wanted to finish watching The Good Place, which was not good for my mental health.

I spent the rest of the day melancholy and dragging. There might have been a couple of crying jags. And Ben & Jerry's. It didn't help that my hip has been bad all day.

On the positive side, I finished a second coaster. I also picked up another shift at a neighboring branch of the county library to help cover for them while they try and fill some vacancies. Well, I think I have. My manager put the call out today, I responded, and she said the other manager would contact me about the details. I haven't heard from the other manager yet, but I imagine I will. Mine isn't the kind to say things like that if they weren't true.

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