Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Unexpected shopping

We've had some great luck this past week. Craig got referral money for someone who got hired at his company, and he found out what his annual bonus is. So he's been doing some planning on how to use it.

One thing we've been talking about for months is getting a proper hot tub. Right now, we have a Coleman inflatable spa that I love. We got it for ourselves last year as a test to see if we'd use a real one. It didn't take much usage at all for me to realize how much the hydrotherapy helps my arthritis, hence the talks began.

Yesterday, he took me out at lunchtime to see what's out there. We discovered we have to rewire for 240V to accommodate it, but that's actually a good thing. Why? Because I've wanted an induction cooktop ever since leaving the UK 16 years ago, and they only run on 240. We priced it a year or two ago and decided it wasn't worth it. However, since we have to do it for a hot tub, my induction cooktop is back on the table again. Craig's especially gunning for all of it because he really wants to switch to an electric car in the next couple years. Putting in a second box means he's got access in the garage for charging that, too.

We have to wait until March for the hot tub, though. That's when the new model of what we're looking at comes out, and it's supposed to be miles better.

The other thing he bought is something else we've been talking about for months. Craig always loved to bike - me, not so much - but as my hip gets worse, I know that biking is the best exercise for it as it's nonimpact. The downside is that I can never tell when my hip is going to out, so I've been reluctant to go out on the regular bike.

Enter the electric bike.

Craig surprised me last week with the research he'd done. He'd chosen the Lectric XP as being perfect for me in everything but looks. It's too chunky for my tastes, but I agreed that its height and portability, combined with the fact that I can use the electric feature to help me get home if something happens, was all that mattered in the end. It's about strengthening my legs and core, losing weight, and hey, actually getting to do something with Craig that he loves. He stopped biking when we moved here ten years ago, and I know he misses it. We ordered the bike, and it arrived yesterday. It's not as easy to get on as I'd hoped, and my hip screamed at me when I tried to pedal in first gear, but I'm going to make this work. It'll be better in the long run. I will just focus on the end goals rather than the pain of right now.

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