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American airlines suck

I'm about ready to pull my hair out...

So, now that we have dates and everything and I know where I'm going to be when, I decided to sit down and buy my plane ticket to get me from CA to PA for Moonlight Rising. Easy, right?


I found the flight I wanted for $245. Not too bad, I figure, but when I try to buy it, it tells me I can't because our billing address on our credit card is outside of the US. We tried contacting the airline direct, and get the same response. The only way for me to pay for a domestic flight with a credit card with an address overseas is via a travel agent. But doing so will add $200 to the final cost.

So, really, not an option.

So Craig decides to use the Visa attached to the American checking account we've kept open these last 5 years, except he's got to get the address changed on it to a US one (we can't do that with our current one simply because we're still here for the next 3 weeks). So he gets that done, thinking now everything is OK.

It still doesn't work. It pops up with the message that says not all credit cards can be checked electronically, and perhaps this is one of them. "Please use a different credit card." Stupid fucking online site. Like they expect *everyone* to have a bajillion cards that they can just play mix and match with. Craig and I have *two* credit cards only, both of which get balances cleared at the end of the month. There is no *need* for us to have more and yet it looks like they want to encourage us to do so. It just really, really, *really* pisses me off.

And asking someone else to pay for it, to have us pay them back, isn't an option either. With e-tickets, half the time they ask for the credit card that paid for it when you check in. I can't risk those odds.

Short of tremendously putting someone out to have them go to the airport and buy the ticket for me in person with cash that I would provide, I very well might be stuck buying one when I get over to the US. Which puts me into the less than 2 weeks window where they jack up their prices. Needless to say, I'm annoyed as all fuck (hence my colorful language).

Like I said...American airlines suck.

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