Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Pictures. Lots of pictures.

Our trip to Vegas and the Grand Canyon is done and gone, and this past week has been all about trying to get back on track. The problem with that was I worked three days and I've been taking care of my FIL, who managed to get sick the day we got back. So let's get caught up, okay?

1. Grand Canyon. Beautiful. We got some stunning pictures.

2. Alex's lost backpack. Never recovered. Lesson learned.

3. My FIL caught a bad cold somewhere. He's been completely laid up all week, sleeping a lot, coughing even more. He's finally coming out on the other side of it, though the coughing is still pretty bad.

4. I spent three hours going through every kids DVD at work on Saturday, opening and closing every case, popping out the disc to see if it was damaged, and now my hands look like a disaster zone. I have three bandaids on in three different places and could easily add a couple more to protect some wayward scratches and sore cuticles. They are so sore and I'm very glad I don't have to be back at the library until Tuesday.

5. Almost as bad, I scratched my gum in the back of my mouth on something at lunch today. So my mouth hurts, too.

6. My souvenir from the Grand Canyon was a juniper tree lamp that I found at the Hopi House on the south rim. We arranged to have it shipped to us, and it arrived a week earlier than the minimum time they said it was going to take. It's so gorgeous, though the pic I got of it last night does not do it justice:

7. And to finish off my weekend, I got confirmed as one of the directors for the upcoming Festival 10 for my community theatre (plays that are 10 minutes long). I don't know what play yet. Picking that will be this week some time.

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