Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

It's been good in spite of the bad

Well, we're in Vegas. We got here last night and went straight to dinner at an English pub off the strip that does very authentic British food. The best fish & chips we've ever had in this country, and excellent scotch eggs as an appetizer. I could even order a lager shandy and have it taste right. :)

Then it was off to the movies to watch Jumanji 2, which I loved. We had drama when we got to the hotel, however. That was when we discovered we didn't have Alex's backpack. He'd had it when we were at the car rental place, but someplace between there and the hotel, it disappeared. We eventually figured out that it had been left in the car rental garage when they were trying to rearrange the luggage in the back, but while an attendant said one had been turned in matching its description, it hadn't actually shown up in Hertz's lost and found. It might be in another one, but at this point, it's probably just gone.

And frankly, somebody got very lucky. It had Alex's brand new Switch that he got for his birthday, his iPad, and three brand new games that we got for Christmas. We're going to replace the Switch, because it's really not his fault, but there's still debate about the iPad. He used it for gaming mostly, but now that he's got the Switch, there might not be a need for it. Still. It's annoying to have the expenditure.

Today, we did three escape rooms - which we beat, though two got a little too close for comfort - and the kids went go-karting. Then it was dinner and a walk along the strip, though I stopped halfway through to play some slots. Craig's managed to win a little bit of money, but I haven't. I kind of wanted to play some blackjack tonight, but we're all dead. I will be crashing very soon here.

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