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OK, so I'm listening to the FCUK broadcast with James and the band, and most of it is just them playing their favorite songs. But in this last segment, someone wrote in asking James what the naughtiest thing he'd ever done...

So he says that at the age of 14, he lost his virginity in a 3some with 2 girls. And says that he didn't tell them he was a virgin and went in trying to act all macho, and then bam! Eight seconds later it was all over. Of course, being 14, half an hour later, Jimmy was ready to go again (his words, not mine), and the girls were like, "I don't think so, it's not really worth it, you know?" He said he'd much preferred to have been in the 7th circle of hell than in that room that night, with as embarrassed as he got. :)

He says that's just one of the naughtiest things he'd done, that if people heard everything he'd done, people would think he needs a shrink. :)

Apparently, the phone lines and server are all getting jammed from the calls and e-mails trying to get through. Not surprising, since James keeps giving out the numbers and address and encouraging people to contact them. Most of the messages are just girls going on about how gorgeous James is, which he's playing up for all it's worth. That's our guy. ;)

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