Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

I love this time of year, even if I'm always stressed.

1. My FIL arrived on Friday, safe and sound. So far, so good.

2. I adored this interview with Jonathan Groff, most especially it's got footage of him playing Mary Poppins at the age of three, with his mother's full support.

3. I got a call from R, the oldest daughter of our Thanksgiving friends/family (she's the one who lived with me last year to finish her nursing program, then got married this past summer), that her husband actually got the leave he'd requested and they'd be able to make it back to California to join us and her family here for Thanksgiving, after we had already resigned ourselves to our first Thanksgiving without everybody present. So we have a full house this week. Yay!

4. Discovering Godfrey Gao. Holy crap, that man is pretty.

5. A new showerhead! The ensuite for the room my FIL uses when he's here doesn't get used very often, so we discovered on Saturday morning that it was pretty blocked up from our hard water. When they went to Costco for that part of our holiday shopping, Craig picked up a new one to try out. It was so glorious, I decided I wanted one for our shower, too. Since I've been complaining about wanting a new shower, Craig figured this was a much cheaper solution to make me happy for a while longer. So yay for more water pressure and more options!

6. Turnout for Alex's winter guard is extraordinary this year. Last year, they had about eight kids. This year, it looks like they're going to have twenty.

7. Being completely done with the grocery shopping for the next week. Craig is going to run out and get the one thing from Safeway I couldn't find this morning, and Alicia and Alex will go out on Wednesday morning to pick up cheese and olives for Friday apps, but my part is ALL DONE!!! Well, the shopping anyway, lol.
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