Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

Craig has left for two days for Seattle, so focusing on good/happy/smiley stuff is even more important as I anticipate a crappy night's sleep tonight.

1. I bought tickets for us to see Groundhog Day: The Musical after Christmas. It's next to impossible to buy gifts for my FIL when he's here for Christmas, since he has to take stuff back, so we try to *do* stuff instead. We've wanted to see this for a while because Tim Minchin wrote the music and lyrics, but I'm particularly looking forward to this production because my college friend is playing Phil Connors.

2. My town is doing preliminary work to transform a property into a new public library for us. It's all early stages, but it's a step in the right direction.

3. hollydb mentioned a program called Pacemaker that's basically a project planner. I'm using it as a dynamic word budget program for a writing project, and it's the bomb. It adjusts my daily word goal based how much I get done, and I'm totally in love with it.

4. Watching 7-year-old Judy Garland sing.

5. Jason Momoa. Not just because of how pretty he is, but also because of this interview he did with Kelly Clarkson this week.

6. Finding out Stephen King's house is going to become an archive and writer's retreat.

7. My friend L just closed on a new house for her family, and she took me to go see it. It's a great house, but the previous owners left a few weird things behind. Like three massive, hand-blown glass fish mounted over the mantel, two more beaded fish - each at least a foot across - hanging from the ceiling in an upstairs bathroom, and a snake skin nailed to one of the kids' bedrooms. The whole weirdness of it all was hysterical.
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