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2019 Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide Author,

I've had a hectic year, and I'm so grateful to have this to end it on a high note. I love that this community brings together so many authors willing to write for those small fandoms that might not otherwise get the love they deserve. I'm especially grateful that you're willing to do so for one of mine.

As a reader, I’m pretty open-minded about a lot of things. Even when I have a primary ship on a show, I tend to multi-ship and even do a lot of rare pairs. Most of the time, that's because I fall in love with fandoms because of ensembles and ideas rather than a single character. Most of the time. There are exceptions. I read all ratings and most genres, though I’ll admit, fluff tends to be a hard sell for me. I love plot, the plottier the better, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with sex, either, so no worries you can’t go in that direction if you want. Het, slash, gen…it’s all good. What draws me most into stories is strong characterization, original ideas, and solid writing. I don’t like to read the same old/same old, which is one reason why plot is always such a seduction.

I have a real soft spot for outsiders/lonely characters. They get to me almost every single time. Going dark is not a problem, whether it’s sexually, via violence, or angst. That’s not to say I go looking for it, but it does work for me more often than not. I love a great action scene, banter, and breathless kisses.

Things I dislike…number one has to be character bashing. I hate it. I don’t like vilifying characters for the sake of making others look good. It happens a lot in shippy fics, usually in trying to get rid of a canon partner or because the writer just hates the character. I’d rather the character got written out of the story completely than left in and painted in a poor light. I’m not fond of crossovers, unless I’m explicitly comfortable in the fandoms, and specific tropes like mpreg, tentacles, alpha/omega, and magic sex make me roll my eyes. Also, 95% of the time I backspace out of fics that headhop, so please don’t do that. (In case you're not sure what that is, here's a blog post on it that might help.)

About my fandoms:

A Little Life: This book wrecked me. I've read the criticisms on it, about it being too much, about it being so dangerous for the LGBT+ community, but I don't agree. I was a victim of abuse, though mine wasn't as severe as Jude's. But I understand a LOT of what he went through. I understand that urge to cut. I understand that thought process that sabotages you at every corner, even when you have logical proof to the otherwise. Watching him struggle broke my heart. Then, after the car accident...ouch.

I'm not even sure what I want here. I do know I don't want the ending changed. I love seeing Willem and Jude together, so something there would be amazing. But I also loved Jude's relationship with Harold and Julia. I could easily read pages and pages about them. Before the adoption. After the adoption. Before Willem. After. Maybe instead of one of their Thanksgivings, a Christmas? I don't know. I'm very open. It doesn't even have to be from Jude's POV. But I really want it to be about Jude at its core.

GLOW: I would never have guessed I'd love a show about wrestling. But I'm a child of the 80s, and the authenticity of so many aspects of this hits every nostalgia button I have. On top of that, it's practically a love story about female friendships. Sure, it's got the obligatory romantic interests, but that's not really what sells it for me. It's how all these very different women come together and react to the issues of the time, which in a lot of ways, are issues women have had to deal with for all time.

I chose Ruth, Sam, Russell, and Justine only because things got so much more complex with season 3. I love Ruth's damaged complexity, and her chemistry with Sam is off the charts, but any romance there is a train wreck waiting to happen. I love her with Russell, but of course, that's probably too easy. Her passion, drive, and perfection are compelling. Watching Sam struggle with trying to be a dad with Justine was fascinating, because he's just got so much working against him.

iZombie: This show is crack. I don't do zombies generally, but this is so much fun, I can't resist. The core of the show to me is Liv, but what I want is her and Ravi and an adventure. Please? Something fun and light and them being all best friends and whip-smart as they solve a case.

Van Helsing: There have been a lot of moments when I've asked myself, Why am I watching this show? It got so dark and disjointed there for a while, and spent time with characters I could care less about. (I am so done with anything related to Sam.) But there's one I always rivet on, regardless of the storyline - Julius. Watching his transformation after being saved by Vanessa has been a real joy. If Vanessa wasn't such a mess, I would totally ship them. But I love how he keeps showing so many sides. Being a father figure. Trying to make amends. Give me anything about Julius and I'll be a happy camper.

Claws: This one's a guilty pleasure. I've always likened it to the wacky, over-the-top style of Carl Hiaasen, with the humor and violence and sheer absurdity. I hated Roller the first season, but he has really come around after the whole mess with the Russians. Watching him and Desna reconnect this last season was fun and sexy. Of course, that got countered with Quiet Ann's grief and fury, which made for some riveting TV. So what do I want here? Bring Roller back so Desna can have some happiness. Or go pure sex and give me some of their hot times together. If you go the Ann route, I'd love to see something after this last season. Honestly, she wasn't wrong in burning down the casino. What happened to her after she walked away from Desna?


I hope all of this helps in some way. Basically, I'm a romantic at heart who knows that the world isn't always a very nice place. We are stronger because of the adversity we overcome together.
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