Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Looking for distractions

The winds died down today, thank goodness. Which meant that I had plenty of time to finish the galley. So that was good.

I have a physical first thing Tuesday morning, which means I'm fasting now so that I can get all my blood work done immediately afterward. Then, it's off to work. I'm anxious about the physical to be honest. I've been remiss about taking care of myself, so this will be my first full physical in three years. It's been even longer since I had any blood work done. At my age, that's not great. And I know I shouldn't worry, because it's going to mess with my blood pressure, but I can't seem to help it.

So I'm distracting myself tonight by looking for a new hairstyle. I have an appointment with a new stylist on Thursday morning to get my color done, and I'm debating what I want to do cut-wise. I don't have a ton of options. My hair is fine and thin and doesn't hold a curl well. Length is out of the question. I love pixies, but I hate how they look on me. Hopefully I can find something I like.

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