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BTVS S5, Eps 14-16

We are back to watching Buffy! Yay for having free time!


Favorite Lines
Joyce: Honey, did you somehow, unintentionally, lead him on in any way? Uh, send him signals?
Buffy: Well, I--I do beat him up a lot. For Spike, that's, like, third base.

Favorite Moment
As wrong as what Spike does, the look on his face when he realizes he's been locked out of the Summers house breaks my heart. Every. Time. Damn James Marsters for making him so sympathetic.

Revelations as I watch
1. Spike, trying so hard. Ah, my heart.
2. If Willow's headache is so bad, why is she in a loud, crowded bar, dancing and whipping her head around?
3. I know why Giles is hanging around the Summers house, but I love how it feels all familial with him in attendance.
4. Buffy's coat is disco cheap.
5. I'm surprised Harmony has no commentary on Spike's change of wardrobe. Or why he has a sweater that smells like Buffy.
6. The Sunnydale paper costs 35 cents. I feel old.
7. Nobody does puppy eyes like Spike.
8. Those gentleman tendencies that come out when Spike doesn't expect them to always make my heart hurt.
9. I am very much not a Drusilla fan, but I love how she mouths "Boo Boo" during Harmony's little rant.
10. I love Spike, but there is no denying that finding a shrine of yourself in someone's basement is more than a little creepy.
11. Emotional blackmail is never the way to go, Spike.

I Was Made to Love You

Favorite Lines
Spike: If you want me to leave, you can put your hands on my hot, tight, little body and make me.

Buffy: I don't know about you guys, but I've about had it with super-strong little women who aren't me.

Xander: She's a sexbot. I mean, what guy doesn't dream about that? Beautiful girl with no other thought but to please you, willing to do anything. Too many girls. I miss Oz. He'd get it. He wouldn't say anything, but he'd get it.

Favorite Moment
I love when Buffy comes home from the party to let Giles go, the entire exchange culminating with his quick exit when the prospect of listening to Joyce go on about her date is inevitable.

Revelations as I watch
1. Aw, poor puffy Xander. And man, does he need a haircut.
2. Joyce's twirls are very Wonder Woman-is.
3. It annoys me that Buffy still continues to blame herself for what went wrong with Angel and Riley. Riley left because of his issues, not hers. And don't get me started on Angel.
4. I'm insanely intrigued by what Anya's website for the Magic Shop looks like.
5. The best part about the truth of Spike's feelings being out is all the innuendo he can now let fly.
6. Why does Spike not realize April isn't real?
7. And why is Ben at this oddly specific college party? He's an intern, not an undergrad.
8. It's so nice seeing Joyce happy, even if it's only for a very short bit.
9. Giles runs very quickly away as soon as Xander mentions sexbot. Gee, I wonder why?
10. Warren is just horrifically bad at relationships. How on earth did Katrina stick around so long?
11. Ripper!Giles does not come out nearly enough. Man, I love it when he goes all badass, even when Spike is the target.
12. Warren's misogyny is in no ways subtle. It's so easy to hate him.
13. April might be a robot, but her "death" is still so sad. Especially when you realize that while Buffy's been helping April and then talking to Xander, her own mother has been dying alone.

The Body

Favorite Lines
Tara: Did I miss something?
Anya: Xander decided that he blames the wall.

Buffy: Was it sudden?
Tara: What?
Buffy: Your mother.
Tara: No. And yes. It's always sudden.

Favorite Moment
The scene between Tara and Buffy is very effective and touching.

Revelations as I watch
1. I know I'm in the minority, but I've never liked this episode. I can appreciate it intellectually, but it has never hit me on an emotional level. I wonder if it's because I've only ever lost one person who could be that close to me, and it was after the series was over.
2. The scene with Dawn in the bathroom actually humanizes her a lot for me. I think if we'd seen her more around kids her own age sooner, maybe we would've understood her better.
3. Except this boy is relating to the idea of Dawn being a cutter way too much.
4. Nobody cries like Alyson Hannigan.
5. While I appreciate Anya's speech from a writing perspective, it has never felt true to me. Yes, this might have been the first time Anya has had to deal with death as a human, but it's not like she forgot over a millennium of dealing with humans and their deaths. Should she be sad? Sure. She liked Joyce. But not understanding what comes next? Nope. Don't buy it. We're supposed to think of her as a child emotionally, but they put her into too many situations where she's obviously not.
6. And...yeah, still don't cry. Damn it.
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