Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

On the road to recovery

Today was a stay in my pjs sort of day. I woke up without a voice and my chest/ribs/diaphragm are killing me from all the coughing I've been doing. However, I'm feeling better in general. My congestion is clearing up, and I had more energy for the most part. It's all good, because I'm starting to feel inspired about throwing myself into new projects. Like the donor program for the community theatre they asked me to work on.

Also, writing. It's funny how much my creative well has refilled doing the play. Maybe it's because I took a break [translation: was forced to take a break because I had no time], but whatever it was, it worked. I'm chomping to put words down for the first time in months.

My house still needs rescuing, though. We had to fix the sofa table that I used in my play since it literally got broken getting taken off the stage after the very last performance. One of the pedestal feet snapped off, so Craig and I fixed that today. I then had to find a new place for it because I bought a different piece for the show that I wanted to keep and put where we used to have the sofa table: this wood tea cart.

It has a tray that slides underneath that I have to bring in from the garage, and I have to put the display on it yet, but I've wanted a tea cart for AGES. This one was at the antique store for only $100, so I couldn't resist.

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