Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I never saw it coming

Remember how I was complaining about how busy I am? Apparently, I can't say no to opportunities.

On Thursday, the artistic director for the community theatre company I'm working with asked to speak to me. I was terrified it was about something negative with the play, but she assured me that it wasn't related to that at all. She came over to my house for coffee before rehearsal and proceeded to lay out plans for a new board position they're trying to fill, one that would deal specifically with donor/sponsor relations and, in the future, potentially become the grant writer for the organization. She wanted to talk because she thought I would be an excellent fit for the position, but she more than understood that I had just come off the band booster board and was very relieved to be done with it.

Needless to say, I was a bit gobsmacked. Flattered as anything, but gobsmacked all the same.

I hadn't thought she actually liked me that much - which, in all honesty, she still might not - but this means at least she respects my skillset. I told her I'd have to think about it and talk it over with my husband, which she more than understood. He told me to take it. No hesitation. Even after my whining about how overwhelmed I was.

So I asked Alicia. She said the same thing.

I proceeded to ask my youngest sister. According to her, accepting is a "no-brainer." She even went as far to say that she had no idea why I was balking since this was such an excellent opportunity.

My friend L told me to accept, too.

I know why I was hesitant. I was stressed out from having so much to do and feeling like nothing would ever get finished. I'm still stressed. But after talking more to Craig, I decided to try. It really is an excellent opportunity, and considering not one person in my life thinks it's a bad thing, it's probably my own self-doubt that was holding me back. I wrote back this afternoon and accepted the offer, contingent on two provisions: that I don't have to think about it until after the play is over, and that if by the end of the season it's impacting my life too negatively or I don't think I'm being effective I will be able to quit.

She said those were more than acceptable. looks like I'm about to become a board member of the group as the Development Director.

I never saw it coming.

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