Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Catching up...again

I've just spent the last half hour skimming through the past nine days of LJ posts, because I couldn't let it get even more behind. That is probably going to be my only piece of spare online time until this coming weekend (and I'm not even sure about that). I leave for work at the library in a little over an hour, then as soon as I get home this afternoon I have to turn around and head over to the theater where we will be unloading set pieces and rehearsing until 9:30 tonight. Food apparently is not a thing for me today (no food is allowed in the theater). Then the rest of this week is more work, more rehearsals, and set painting when I'm not doing either of those things. Plus the normal family stuff.

But this past nine days has been insane for me - two galleys to do, all the play stuff, a novella that was due to my publisher two days ago that I still have to finish the last chapter on, house stuff (my kitchen sink is finally fixed, woo hoo!), and making sure my family can eat/has clean clothes. I did take some free time away from everything this weekend to play games with friends on Saturday night and with Alex during the day. I seriously needed the distraction. Because every time I think I have some free time to actually get on LJ or do something fandom-related, something else comes up that I have to take care of. Last night, it was discovering our PR person can't get the headshots done this week for the cast, so I spent two hours scrambling to find someone amongst people I know. Luckily, I got a friend to do it for ad space in the program in lieu of payment. She's only done natural lighting photography, but she's got a great eye, she's smart, and she'd love the experience. AND, most importantly, she can actually do it this week, lol.

To save my sanity, I've decided I can't play in fandom for a couple months. I have two fics I HAVE to write after this novella, so those have to have my creative juices. I don't have time to read online, which makes me sad. And I can't spare the time for Seasonal Spuffy this round. Hell, I haven't even had the time to pick up my Buffy rewatch yet. I'm just before all my favorite stuff in S5, too.

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