Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Off to a good start

Our first read-through of the play was tonight, and it went amazingly well. We didn't have one of our actresses, but even with her missing, there were so many laughs and "aw" moments. I had a long talk afterward with the woman who plays the lead. She's been in a rough spot since we cast her because she doesn't see herself as this role at all. It's been taking everything we have to try and convince her otherwise. I see some of her points, and she's willing to work on things, but I just wish I could get her to see herself the way we do. It'll come. Eventually. She's too much of a professional for it not to. But it'll take time.

It's going to be such a funny show. I'm having to pick my battles with my co-director - he gets an idea in his head and sometimes it's really hard to shake it - and I've had to make a couple concessions so far that I deemed not worth the fight. I've stood my ground on others, though. Like tonight, we were talking costumes, and he wanted to put one of our actresses in black leggings for the final scene. Which takes place in North Carolina in the middle of August. And the character is 77. Who has recently had a hip replacement. I put my foot down. Because there is NO WAY she would be in such restrictive clothing so soon after hip surgery, let alone wearing something so clingy and dark in a hundred degree heat. He let it go, thank goodness.

Don't even get me started on the argument I had with him about his certainty that one of the other characters was getting abused by her husband.

Rehearsals start next Monday. My schedule will be crammed for a while. :)

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