Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Finally feeling better...kind of

I just spent the last hour playing catch-up on LJ, but I know I missed stuff. I hate being gone for more than a couple days.

I wasn't sure if the antibiotics were actually helping until Sunday. I wasn't getting worse, but the streak from the bite wasn't shrinking either. On top of that, I did something to my lower back at work on Saturday, so I wasn't feeling great in general. But Sunday night, I checked it out again (I've been keeping it bandaged because it's under my bra strap and the bandage protected it from rubbing raw), and it looked better. This morning, it was almost gone completely. So yay!

Not so yay are the stupid side effects from antibiotics. The metallic taste in my mouth means I keep popping things into it to alleviate the taste, which I definitely don't need. And the killing of bacteria in my body to get the cellulitis means the good bacteria is gone, too. Hello, yeast infection. Yuck. I popped out yesterday to pick up some 7-day clotrimazole, but it hasn't done much good so far. I have another five days of these damn drugs. I just want to survive the week.

One of the coolest things I read while I was catching up on online stuff was this post from Tom and Lorenzo. It's about these wedding photos from 1957 that only recently resurfaced. The "married" couple are a pair of young men, and the glimpse into gay culture of the 50s is both fascinating and sad. These two were so obviously in love, and yet had to hide. It breaks my heart. I only hope they got to live a long and happy life together.

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