Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

July is trying to kill me

I swear to god, July is trying to kill me. I meant to stay on top of LJ, but this past week had high school walk-thru (which I worked on the days I didn't work at the library), the Hugh Jackman concert, and then the wedding yesterday of our best friends' oldest daughter (the one who lived with me this past year). Plus, our A/C died for two of those days. There's more to come - one more walk-thru day, my days at the library, plus the run-up to auditions for the play I'm co-directing - but it should slow down. Provided I survive.

The wedding yesterday was gorgeous, but I woke up at 5:30am sneezing like a madwoman. By noon, I was completely congested and running a low-grade fever. I pumped myself full of drugs so I could make it through the evening ceremony/reception, but when we left at 11, I fell asleep in the car right away, slept for the 90 minutes home, woke up just enough to stumble to my room and strip out of my clothes, and slept through to 9:30 this morning. Today has been better than yesterday, though, so I'm hoping I can nip this in the bud.

In catching up with stuff today, I discovered that there is going to be an Angel game from Jasco (the people who did the recent Buffy game that I love so much) coming out later this year.

The Hugh Jackman concert was so much fun. I was a little surprised at how many small children were there, and all of them knew all the words to The Greatest Showman, lol. There was a little girl (who couldn't have been more than three) in the front row, dressed in a red sequined jacket with tails and a huge black tulle skirt, with an absolute riot of blonde curls. So adorable. Hugh saw her in the second act and hopped off the stage to interact with her. But the man is so charming and a natural entertainer. His singing isn't great - I've always thought he was just competent in that regard - but he's funny, articulate, and moves like a dream.

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