Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The things that make me feel healthy

A couple years ago, I bought a journaling book called The 52 Lists Project. My goal was to do a list a week, which I thought was more than doable. It was, until I reached list 4 which was about the soundtrack of your life. I don't define my life by music. I don't play music on a regular basis. I've never obsessed about certain musicians even though I have a few favorites, and I rarely remember titles of songs. So I got stuck. And my linear brain refused to let me move forward.

I just found it buried on my nightstand while I was cleaning. Instead of shuffling it to the bottom of the pile like I normally do, I pulled it out. I've decided to skip this damn soundtrack list and use the book as Sunday posts. So here goes.


1. Reading
2. A good night's sleep
3. Cuddles with Craig
4. A hot bath/soaking in the hot tub
5. Eliminating sugar
6. Getting rid of toxic people from my life
7. My Passion Planner
8. Laughter
9. Grabbing water instead of a soda
10. My nighttime skin regimen
11. Reading food labels
12. Saying no when I can
13. Forgiving myself
Tags: 52 lists

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