Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Good Omens and more bingo

We've spent the last two nights bingeing "Good Omens." I never read the book. Though Terry Pratchett is Craig's favorite author, I wasn't as entertained by him with the couple of titles I read. And I'm embarrassed to admit that aside from admiring him in his social media and being aware of how well-received his books are, I've never read Neil Gaiman, either.

That has to change. Because I flippin' LOVED "Good Omens."

It's not perfect. To a newbie, the second episode seems to be an entirely different series until you get to the third and realize how it all fits in. The narration is largely indulgent, and a good portion of the supporting cast rather one-dimensional.

But man, this whole thing is totally worth it for Sheen and Tennant. I was shipping Crowley and Aziraphale before the end of the first episode. I wouldn't dare write it, but I might have to binge some fic after I read the book.

And when I do, I can actually use it for the "TV Tie-In/Turned into a TV Show" space on my ljbookbingo card that I was dreading so much.

Apparently, I'm on a bingo binge, too. Because sign-ups for hc_bingo started this week, too, and I couldn't resist.

blackmail allergic reaction vehicle crash dungeons near death experience
pandemics and epidemics cuddling asking for help deals with demons restrained
purgatory unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding WILD CARD first transformation bites
runaways phobias hiding an injury / illness slaves motion sickness
hypothermia rape / non-con electrocution heart attack / heart trouble homesickness

I had kind of hoped that I would go for a blackout, but there is no way with this card. I'm not a fan of soulbonding at all.
Tags: hc bingo

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