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A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I had my first shift at the library yesterday. Mostly training and paperwork, but it went very well. I think I'm going to end up loving it there. It's also got me thinking if I want to pursue further education in library sciences if I want to work more hours. With Alex graduating next year, it would be nice to have something that gets me out of the house more, and the library is the perfect environment for it.

More of my time this week has been spent working with electric_heart in creating a Buffy bingo challenge. We're creating mirror communities at LJ and DW that--fingers crossed--will be ready to go by July 1. I have to say I'm really excited about it. I've been wanting something like this for a little while, and when she posted at DW earlier this week about whether they would be interest in it, I jumped at it. It won't just be for fic, either. We're allowing a lot of other types of fanworks, including fanart, vids, poetic, and meta. The goal is to attract creators so the fandom as a whole has more to enjoy.

Other big events this week...last night, on the way home from dinner, Craig ran over something that looked like a twig on the road. Turned out, it wasn't. Almost immediately, there was this horrible grinding sound, so he pulled over and discovered it was something metal and it had completely torn through some pipe on the undercarriage. It wasn't fuel, but it was leaking badly, so he took it into the shop and left it there. He went back this morning to get it on their docket. The pipe was part of the A/C system for the back seat. It cost us $300 to fix (not replace, that would've been $900), but we also needed an oil change and new tires. Altogether, the bill came to $1200. Not what we were hoping for this month, let me tell you.

Today was vet appointments for two of our pets. For our Boston Terrier, it was just a check-up to see how she's doing on her arthritis medicine. It can have an adverse effect on her liver, so while she seemed fine in her physical examination, I'll have to wait a couple days to get the results on her bloodwork. We also took in our senior cat. One of his dew claws had become ingrown, but he's also lost weight in recent months, so I wanted to have him checked. A few years ago, he had a tumor on his thyroid that caused the same symptom. He underwent radiation then to get rid of it and recovered great. The odds are very slim (in single digits, percentage-wise) for a recurrence, but they did bloodwork so we can see if something's going on or if he's just old man thin. He's never been a fat cat. At his healthiest, he was barely 12 pounds, all muscle. He's definitely underweight now, but he's also 15 years old. It's a waiting game there, too.

Tomorrow is another busy day. I have to be at the high school at 7am to work graduation, then we're off to a graduation party in the afternoon, before heading out to see "Whose Live Anyway?" in the evening. All of this while I feel less than 100%. I'm not sure if it's just my allergies going overboard (because I've been without my prescription Flonase for a month now, and OTC doesn't do it for me) or if I'm catching a cold. Either way, I spent most of today sneezing like a madwoman and partially blocked. Blech. Hopefully, I can get some sleep tonight. I'm going to need it.

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