Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I didn't really mean to be gone so long

I've been insanely busy the past week, so let's play catch up.

I accepted the library job. Now, I'm in the administrative process of getting hired by the county which means background checks, fingerprinting, multiple levels of approvals, etc. I probably won't start working until June, but that's okay. Life is crazy busy right now.

Alicia is home, safe and sound. She was free for a few days, and then started her internship today on the peninsula. With Craig also commuting into work, it meant the house was very, very quiet. I forget what a force of nature she is when she's been gone for a bit, but when she's home and then not, there's a very definitive hole in the space she's left behind. It was startling today.

Yesterday was the huge spring concert for the band. Normally, that means I spend three days baking since nobody else seems willing to do anything about refreshments, but I lost last Friday and Saturday to period pain issues that pretty much flattened me. I mean, the first day or so is always pretty bad, but this was a battering ram to my entire midsection, from my sternum to my pelvis. I couldn't even be touched without wincing from pain. Then Sunday was Mother's Day, which was lovely for the most part. I got Harry Potter themed gifts, including this sorting hat snack server and a gorgeous luminary. Alicia brought me back the most delicate, most beautiful ornament from DC's cherry blossom festival. And then in the evening, I had other booster moms over so we could wrap 15 raffle baskets for Tuesday's concert.

All that means is that my normal baking happened in the course of one day. I managed to get 15 dozen cookies/brownies/bar cookies done on Monday. That might be my record, especially since one batch of brownies (and I did 6) takes over an hour and only makes 9 brownies.

Now, I'm in the throes of finishing up a third chapter of a new WIP for seasonal_spuffy on Friday. It's been so much fun writing Spike again. I needed the distraction today, too. The health insurance sitch is driving me crazy. Craig's new job covers COBRA costs for three months (since employees don't get their health insurance until they've been on the job for 90 days), but it didn't happen automatically. It won't be in effect until next week, which meant we had to pay the full price cost of two prescriptions so far. AND I can't even get a Flonase refill until it's in effect because my doctor literally can't prescribe it without being preauthorized by the insurance. I've been out for a couple days because I didn't know it was the insurance holding it up, and now I have to go back to that familiar choking feeling until I can get more. Hopefully soon.

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