Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

BTVS S5, Eps 9-11

Listening to Fear

Favorite Lines
Riley: Don't touch it.
Xander: Oh yeah, touching it was my first impulse. Luckily I've moved on to my second which involves dry heaving and running like hell.

Xander: I still don't get why we had to come here to get info about a killer snot monster.
Giles: Because it's a killer snot monster from outer space. I did not say that.

Favorite Moments
The final scene between Joyce and Buffy. I might have problems with Joyce, but she killed it with her speech at the end. And the look on Buffy's face breaks my heart.

Revelations as I watch
1. The gang has not learned a lot about patrolling effectively in the years since they patrolled while Buffy was gone over the summer, have they? Willow staking those vampires felt more like an accident than anything else.
2. Gee, it didn't take long for the family to lose their crazy relative, now did it?
3. Can Xander's pants *be* any baggier?
4. Considering Xander's less than ideal home life, his scurrying away at the thought of possibly going sterile makes me think he's confusing sterile with impotent.
5. It's easy to see why people ship Giles and Anya. She's practically glued to his side in the scene in the woods.
6. The Queller demon is just gross. I did not need to see him vomiting.
7. Riley has been in the woods, waiting for the military to arrive. So how in hell does he know that the substance in the dead guy's mouth is a protein alkaloid?
8. Part of me wonders if Joyce's crazy comment about Buffy being disgustingly fat can help explain why Buffy got so thin after this season?
9. Buffy's crying breaks my heart. She's so strong about everything when it comes to her duties. But she allows herself this moment to be human when it comes to dealing with her mom.
10. The way the Queller demon crawls around is creepy.
11. I'm convinced Spike wants to be caught when he's sneaking around Buffy's house.
12. The fact that Buffy is honest with Joyce when Joyce has her moment of truth regarding Dawn says how far they've come in their relationship. It's admirable.
13. And there's the clincher for Buffy's actions at the end of the season. There is no way Buffy would deny Joyce her request. None.

Into the Woods

Favorite Lines
Spike: Sometimes I envy you so much it chokes me. And sometimes I think I got the better deal. To be that close to her and not have her, to be all alone even when you're holding her. Feeling her, feeling her beneath you. Surrounding you... the scent. No, you got the better deal.

Favorite Moments
The Spike/Riley scene. It's painfully honest, and I actually feel for Riley in it.

Revelations as I watch
1. Everyone is all about the hugs until Xander and Giles confront each other. Then we get manly handshakes.
2. Enjoy it while you can, Buffy/Riley fans. Oh, wait. Are there actually any Buffy/Riley fans out there?
3. But then I get all sad, thinking of Spike shut out from everything he wants. And still, he waits.
4. Riley sneaking out in the middle of the night is a great mirror of when Buffy was doing it at the beginning of the season.
5. Buffy hasn't looked this soft in ages. I should enjoy it while I can.
6. Stop thinking with your other head, Spike. It only gets you threats.
7. Spike's plan is not the best way to get into Buffy's affections.
8. Giles's all holidays sign is the best.
9. Oh, Buffy's wearing leather pants. She means business.
10. I seriously panicked the first time I saw Riley stake Spike.
11. My poor heart. Spike's speech about being envious of Riley is complete foreshadowing of everything in season six.
12. Where are all of Riley's bite marks?
13. Buffy can't say she didn't warn all those vampires.
14. While Xander's speech is all empowering and such, he's not completely right. Because he makes it sound like it's all Buffy's fault. It's not. Riley was wrong, too. They both made mistakes, and it was never going to work out because of it.
15. However, his words to Anya? Beautiful.


Favorite Lines
Xander: You dated him?
Buffy: You dated a troll?
Willow: And we're what, surprised by this?

Willow: Anya, I have faith in you. There is no one you cannot piss off.

Favorite Moments
Spike's practice apology, hands down.

Revelations as I watch
1. God, Anya's request for a warning if Xander ever leaves is hard to listen to, knowing what's coming up next season.
2. Buffy knows what abjuring means?
3. I think Giles is just going back to wallow in the books.
4. Buffy mourned her break-up with Angel for ages. She's already practically over Riley. More proof she wasn't in love with them.
5. So...if I use Willow's system of different colored pens for my schedule and journaling, does that make me a little...quirky, too?
6. Spike's apology practicing is comedy gold. Especially when he starts over after losing it.
7. Someone needs to give Willow a dictionary. That's the exact definition of stealing.
8. It's going to be hard to explain this kind of damage to Giles when he gets back.
9. An example of writers forgetting history. Anya was ready to drive out of Sunnydale when she discovered the ascension, but she only just learned how to drive Giles's car in recent months?
10. Spike's going to hold onto Buffy for as long as possible, isn't he?
11. That poor cash register. Though Willow's quiet "Damn" makes me chortle.
12. After months of being so careful, Buffy has this conversation in the same house as Dawn?!?
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