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So...we're figuring out the dates and such for the move, right? Craig had his appointment with the Embassy yesterday, and everything is pretty much a go, which means now's the time to buckle down and get to it. So, though I can't say anything definite because the movers can't schedule anything until Thursday afternoon, here's how it's looking:

Craig - leaving some time next week most likely
Me - leaving the week of the 16th, as early as possible
Kids - staying here until we come back
Craig & I - returning to the UK to pick up the kids just before June 18th

We had originally thought we'd come back for the kids right after MR, meaning June 7, but Craig's Nan's 90th birthday is on the 18th and we've been told without any say in the matter that we *have* to be there on the day. Which is fine, because Nan is a wonderful lady, and I'd love to be there for her birthday. Except for one thing.

It will mean going almost a whole *month* without seeing my kids.

We talked about the possibility of delaying my going out there until right before MR, but that doesn't 100% work. And coming back to the UK and staying longer isn't an option for Craig. I suppose I could come back earlier on my own, but I'm wondering if I'm being silly about missing my kids. Plus, it might be even more weird for the kids if I come back without Craig. I got so many questions yesterday about where Daddy was when I picked them up myself, and it had only been a week.

Sigh. I know I'm worrying too much about this. It's probably just my hormones which have been all over the board tonight. Or Ivan, whispering in my ear about what a horrible mother I'm being for even considering abandoning my kids for a month (stupid Ivan!). I just need sleep.

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